You are an emergence of universe

cosmic web
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What Is has no beginning and never will be destroyed: it is whole, still, and without end. It neither was nor will be, it simply is—now, altogether, one, continuous… — Parmenides

Some young person on social media was lamenting not feeling their meaning, their purpose. That’s tough to figure out for a young person. It got me remembering my own journey, which I didn’t really begin figuring out until my late 20s. While in the middle of my agoraphobic anorexic anxiety disorder I felt trapped in a confined space with nowhere else to go but within, and while surrendered there I let my personhood be crushed and reduced to its basics. A new baseline became clear:

I’m an emergence of Earth, which is from some mix of our star and past stars, which are from the galaxy, or other galaxies (Milky Way has captured more than 60 smaller galaxies as far as we can measure). So that’s pretty much an emergence from the Universe on a scale a person can grasp such things. I’m conscious, a perspective, an observer/see-er.

That makes me an experience the universe is having. I am this universe glimpsing itself (we all are).

So my purpose is already given, by galactic events, then by evolution, and by human history as fundamental Truth. The only thing I have to care about or ever do, and be successful in the eyes (ha!) of the universe: is feel, observe, experience, witness. Everything else is secondary.

There is nothing to win, lose, pass or fail. Just ….BE, and experience.

The more I meditated on this, the more it washed over me as a feeling of unconditional love and settlement (settles thoughts, doubts, fears). I am always whole, enough, already made of universal purpose. Within 3 years the severity of my mental health issues melted away. I became the happiest and most healthy I had ever been. That’s not a constant state of course, but it’s always available. As a derpy human like all of us I still get pulled into and lost in the weeds sometimes. But I do lean on and rest in this truth about universe.

I encourage you to define your center in a similar “relationship to the universe” sort of way so that it’s internal, doesn’t depend on others, and puts you at peace within the surrender and silence of a Foundation.

You don’t have to live there at all times. It’s super impractical to hold this mindset in a business meeting or at a grocery store. Say any of it out loud and people will look at you funny. Just know that it’s there, and is your real Home.