HOW-TO: Shell and Gemini Browser on iPad OS

Categories: computing

Command line shells and Gemini server browser on iPadOS achieved! Requirements: Load a-shell, and then:$ pip install leo-gmi ($ leo –copy-config$ leo –url BONUS : Customize your environment (~/Documents):$ vim .profile$ config -b black -f white -c grey (put in .profile)$ alias weather=“curl” (put in .profile)

You are an emergence of universe

Categories: humanities

What Is has no beginning and never will be destroyed: it is whole, still, and without end. It neither was nor will be, it simply is—now, altogether, one, continuous… — Parmenides Some young person on social media was lamenting not feeling their meaning, their purpose. That’s tough to figure out for a young person. It … Read More

Me and Rocky (Starfield)

Categories: gaming

I’d like to introduce you to my space pet, Rocky, of the Rockwell family. We go everywhere together. Oh the stories we could to tell! We first met during a grav drive spoolup party. We clicked so fast. Within 4 seconds we knew we would be pals forever. Rocky is the best friend a space … Read More